Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 24-26 october
Business Delegation
to Saudi Arabia
What is Business Delegation
from the Nexus Hub?
On October 24-26, 2023, CEOs and founders will visit Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The purpose of the trip is a series of interaction meetings with government and business representatives to provide insight, understanding of the business landscape, feedback, first customers, investors and partners, and to create a roadmap for starting and growing a business in the country.
Report about Business Delegation in Riyadh
On September 13-15, 2023, C-level and Founders (residents of Nexus Hub) visited Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. In this report - photos, companies, results and feedback
What to expect at the business delegation?
(!The exact program of the business delegation and the order of meetings may change)
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT)
We will have a meeting with the representatives of the NTDP Relocation Program, which allows companies to receive grants of up to $1.5m. Many questions will be answered and we will have the opportunity to submit a Fast track grant application (with fast track review)
Ministry of Investment
We will be visited by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Investment (MISA) to answer questions about doing business in the country, obtaining licenses and incorporation of company
The CODE accelerator
We will visit The CODE, a well-known government accelerator. We will be given a tour and presentation on the Saudi Arabian market, talk about the ecosystem of 300 startups and answer our questions. Also, each participant will personally meet and discuss projects with The CODE representatives.
Largest startup hub - The Garage
On September 18, the new office of The Garage opened its doors. It is now the largest startup hub in MENA with an area of 28,000 sqm. In The Garage are founders and investors of some of the biggest IT companies in the region (e.g. Nana, Stc Pay, Tamara, etc.). You will be among the first to see the impressive new building. Meet the management and residents.
Industry meetings
You will participate in specially prepared industry meetings with representatives of companies, corporations and holdings. Industry meetings are held in mini-groups and are divided by industry, e.g. FinTech, IT, Industrial, Energy, Agrotech, etc.
Individual targeted meetings
You will get meetings on your request with targeted potential partners / customers. For example, Andrew from CartaMe on previous business delegation successfully met with Riyad Bank to start integration and B2b company Dsqaures for strategic partnership
Meetings with secret guests
At the Dinner we will be joining secret guests - Saudis and people who are already successfully working in Saudi Arabia. For example, at the last delegation we were joined by representatives from Neom, Esnad, Artcom, Riyad Bank and others. This allows us to network and get questions answered in an informal atmosphere
Conferences and events
More than 20 conferences will be held in Riyadh in October. Delegation participants can attend them before or after the main program. As a result, get the first contacts of partners/customers and be convinced of the high business activity in Saudi Arabia
We will visit a local tourist attraction - the old town of Diriyah. We'll walk around, take beautiful photos, visit museums and dine at great local restaurants. We will also be joined by secret guests
What results usually get the delegates?
  • 1
    Government relations
    Establish connections with representatives of Saudi Arabian ministries. There will be an understanding of government support opportunities. Opportunity to apply for Grants
  • 2
    Establish relationships with local businesses for strategic partnerships and joint ventures and co-investments
  • 3
    We will visit the offices of leading accelerators, study presentations, terms and offices, get to know the representatives personally and apply for new cohorts
  • 4
    Corporations and Companies
    We will meet with CEOs and founders of companies - to understand the specifics of doing business in the country and get feedback on their own industries. Some of the participants start negotiations on joint cooperation already at the business delegation
  • 5
    Large conferences
    Participation in the largest conferences will provide a better understanding of business activity in the region and the competitive environment. Many participants make their own connections with their first clients and partners
  • 6
    New friends and connections
    Many found new friends and like-minded people. Both among other delegation members and Saudis. You will get more reality about Saudi Arabia and make your decision
We met with representatives of these organizations
during the business delegations
(The list is constantly growing)
Feedback from Nexus Hub residents
Business Delegation is coming soon!
The number of available places is limited.
Conditions of participation only after a personal interview
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Who can attend the Delegation?
The delegation is organized for CEOs and Founders of companies who want to enter the Saudi market, actively develop their business and are looking to open new horizons and opportunities.
  • Roles
    The delegation can be attended
    by up to 2 representatives of
    one company - C-level / founders
  • Industries
    Saudi Arabia is open to most industries. We have experience and interaction with companies from IT / FinTech / Industrial / Energy / Real Estate / AI / Investments and more. As part of the delegation, you can also get industry-specific and customized meetings specifically for your industry
  • Goals
    The program is designed mainly for entrepreneurs who have not yet been to Saudi Arabia and it saves months - getting a lot of information, meetings and opportunities in an intensive way in less than 1 week.
  • Revenue / Stages
    Saudi Arabia is open to companies at different stages. Startups have the opportunity to apply to leading accelerators. Existing companies with a turnover of $2 million or more have grants for relocation. Our delegations were visited by representatives of companies with a revenue of up to $400M/year.
Organzires team
Our extensive operational support team help to navigate the complexities of entering a new market
  • Founder at Nexus
    Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Law and Finance. 5 years experience in Pre-IPO and M&A deals. Mentor and Advisor in Tech Startups
  • Founder at Nexus

    Entrepreneur with 12+ years experience. M&A and VC expertise. Organised online events with investors and entrepreneurs around the globe

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