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Get access to international VC's and Corporations. $40 000 000+ startups received investments through Sber500.
Applications are being accepted until June 30. Participate in the accelerator remotely.
Our achivements and strength
  • $ 40 000 000+
    startups received investments from Sber500
  • 7 000+
    concluded contracts with our alumni's
  • x4

    average revenue growth

    of companies

  • 15+ countries

    Mentors are carriers of various business cultures and experiences

  • Top Boost Methods

    Best acceleration methods from international trackers

  • 2 500+

    Mentors & experts in community

Investors and Corporations
Get direct access to the international Investors and CIS Corporations through sber500
"The accelerator has given
us more than we could have expected"

Konstantin Piskunov

Founder & CEO Musculus.ai

I was lucky enough to complete the first and fourth batches of the Sber500 accelerator. Going through the fourth batch, I already well aware that this is an incredible concentration of the best expertise, experience from mentors who are attracted from all over the world. In a short period of time, there is an opportunity to get valuable advice that will take your business to a new level, and a Demo day from Sberbank at this time will attract the attention of top market players in Russia to your business

Oleg Karakyan

Co-founder BuildDocs

Each participant of the program - experienced mentors, Sber's experts, startups, corporate and media representatives - became one team. This gave us the opportunity to see with our own eyes how people from different fields work at the highest level. The philosophy that united all these people continues to live in us, and we broadcast it to our surroundings. I think this is the most important thing that such a project can accomplish: to create a network of like-minded progressive people

Anna Mesheryakova
Ceo Third Opinion

I realized that startup is a type of business in which an entrepreneur is really in demand and can realize himself. 500 Global paid attention to every startup’s leader as a person, as an entrepreneur and as a business driver. They constantly emphasized the role of co-founders, a team and high-lighted the importance of using this for the benefit of the project

Pavel Chernov

СЕО Wibedo

Accelerator gave us more than we could have ever imagined. After the demo day, the number of potential partners increased by 4 times and in January we’re to launch pilots with 3 players in the retail market. Thanks to the mentors for their constant support and motivation - I think that soon we’ll enter the global market and then meet with everyone overseas

Anton Trantin


Emotionally, the accelerator is its people mainly. Those 30 teams that we managed to talk to in the end became one flock. In any case, we can be useful to each other, perhaps create a new business even. That's what is called networking

Alexey Ermakov

СЕО HintEd

Sber500 Accelerator is probably the best acceleration program in Russia today. They not only give you the chance to get help and expertise from 500 Global mentors and experts but also make awesome matchmaking with top Russian enterprises who need your product. During the program, we've onboarded several companies from the Sber ecosystem as well as some other well-known companies. The Sber500 brand is the quality mark that shows that your product is fundable and sellable. All the program is dynamic and fast-paced and you have to be ready to be fully committed to it, but it is definitely worth it!

You will be in good company

Since 2018, we have been working with startups from different industries that have achieved multiple growth after the accelerator and make up the Sber500 alumni community

No-code platform that provides an opportunity to create complex IT products, WEB- and WEB3-applications without programming

Document builder that eliminates errors and automates routine work

Data Analytics & Big Data
A decentralized platform that enables secure data collaboration without data sharing
A non-invasive neurointerface that will replace vision for those who have lost it during their lives. The device works on the basis of stimulators that transmit signals through the tongue to the brain, bypassing other senses

A smart soft toy that incorporates AI and a built-in platform for delivering content for children
Technology that recognizes site visitors from various sources and visualizes digital marketing in multi-channel end-to-end analytics

A tool that averagely allows to halve the cost of training, onboarding, adaptation and support for users of corporate information systems and web services
Robot that automatically detects the occurrence of insured events and instantly settles losses for insurance companies

Nexus Hub - international partner of Sber500

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