Private Online Meeting
Localization Marketing Strategies:
Adapting Global Brands to the Saudi Market
With Marketing Executive of Group of Companies based in GCC 10+ years, working with the biggest names in Sport, Culture and Entertainment and Public Private Initiatives in KSA & UAE
2 PM – 3 PM
There are 4 / 50 seats left
Top 3 Reasons to Participate
This Online meeting is organized for Founders, CEO and Marketing Directors of international companies that are entering the market of Saudi Arabia, UAE or GCC region
  • -1-
    Learn effective Marketing strategies to adapt your brand to Localization in the Saudi market to increase revenue
  • -2-
    Learn real cases and examples, ask your questions to speakers and save your time on research
  • -3-
    Learn region-specific insights and marketing approaches that will help your successful market entry and save budgets

  • Wafa Al Thubatiy

    Marketing Executive of Rise Group

    As the lead marketing star, Wafa expertly crafts compelling storytelling strategies that resonate with diverse audiences. Her passion for understanding target market needs drives tailored campaigns that authentically connect with their interests.

    Collaborating with +5 brands, Wafa spearheads successful marketing strategies, delivering top-notch content that fuels success and fosters enduring audience loyalty.

  • Dima Raketa
    СEO of Reputation House

    CEO of a leading authority in brand management solutions with a proven track record of excellence (1000+ projects globally).

    Expertise in enhancing and safeguarding online reputation, developing AI software to monitor, analyze and timely respond to mentions on the Internet.